Bally Kiss Pinball Clean and Tape.

Now we clean out the lamp sockets.  This is a good time to do this as we are not worried about scuffing up the old worn playfield.  The general illumination lamp sockets get corroded and dirty.  If you don’t replace them or clean them, then your GI lighting will never be reliable.

Of course, replacing them is best.  But this will work just as well and saves some cost on the restore.  Since these sockets are hidden from view they don’t need to look new.   Of course, if you want the new look inside and out you would replace these.

Back on the bottom we remove all the switches.  What we do is remove the switch then tape the screws and switch together.  This way we know where the screws and parts are and the switch stacks don’t fall apart.  We use electrical tape because masking tape is not strong enough for our liking.  Make sure to wrap the tape all the way around so it can stick to itself.  All the switches including rollovers, targets and pop bumpers are done this way.

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