Break For Spring Break

Today we are going to pick up a 1987 Gottlieb Spring Break Pinball Machine. This is not the most liked Gottlieb title out there. The game play, IMO, isn’t really that bad. But the artwork on the game has a lot to be desired. Especially the translite. Probably the worst ever. Just a bunch of photos photo shopped together. And where did they got those hideous pics?


This game is in Pinckney Michigan which is only about 10 miles North of the Chelsea shop. First thing we do is head North on Parker Road through more farm country.


On the way we pass Portage Lake which is popular water skiing lake in the summer. But not now as their is ice on it.


We arrive and turn into the owners driveway. Nice long driveway surrounded by pine trees. This time of year all the leaves are off the other trees but the pines still are nice and green.


And here is the house. Nice house and it is on a hill so I am hoping it has a walkout basement!


The owner lets me in and takes me down into the basement to see the game. The owner initially told me that the game does not work and we pre-agreed to a price. In these situations I don’t ask to turn it on and if they offer to plug it in I tell them it is not necessary. Who knows, it might work and then the price would likely go up!

But I do check to make sure all the parts are there. I check for all the major mechanisms and especially check to make sure all the boards are present. Sometimes a repair person will take a board or 2 home to fix it and then the boards never make it back.

In this case everything was there. But I did also notice that there was pretty significant battery corrosion on the System 80b MPU board. Bummer. Interestingly, someone had removed the battery – but too late.

So it checked out and I load it up. So did the owner have a walk out basement? Yes, and not only that the owner offered that I could drive around on his lawn right up to the door! The cold frozen ground does sometimes have advantages.


Here is the game back at the shop – I’ve got a lot of work to do.


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