The Magicians Spirit

Been awhile but am trying to start blogging again.

Today we are driving to get a Gottlieb Spirit of 76 Pinball Machine.

So off we go in the 1/4 million mile Dodge. This may be one of the last pinball runs for the Dodge as it is getting pretty rusty and does drink gas. It still runs great though. Sniff.

Anyhow, this game is just a few miles from me located in West Bloomfield Michigan. It is an upscale area with nice homes.


We drive up to the house and see that it has been recently sold as there is a real estate “sold” sign on the lawn. This usually is good, as the seller has a good reason to sell.


After introductions, the owner says they are going to be moving to Florida and are also having an estate sales in a few days to sell everything. For some reason they decided not sell the pinball in the estate sale and instead sell it locally.

The game is in the basement and here is what I see. A very nice Spirit of 76!



We discuss the game and work out a fair price. The owner says the magic words “I have a walk out basement” which is always good to hear. The owner was older and did not look like he was going to be helping lug the game up his stairs. Also, using the walkout eliminates any possibility of me scuffing up walls or worse.

So I begin to load. Turns out it is still a little challenging as it is a pretty steep hill. But, using my handcart as a lever on the cement stairs, it is moved up easily enough.



Well you many times get to meet interesting people who have pinball machines and this was no exception. Turns out the owner is a magician. He even had a fully functional stage in his basement. Spotlights, professional video, correct curtains, the works. There was a video control room also for monitoring and producing. Seen many things in basement but this was the first stage!


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