Climbing to a Gottlieb Crescendo

This game was made at the peak of the USAs hippy period and the art certainly reflects it.


The art is all about Peace and Love. Even your bonus is called “Flower Power” and you can get 10x Flower Power at times. In 1970 I was six years old and was already playing some pinball. I don’t remember this game but I do remember some early 70s events that my parents wish I would forget about ;).

This pickup is the first for a new pin hauler, my Subaru Impreza hatch back. The quarter million mile Dodge pickup is still in service but this is my new daily driver. Once reason I got this is because it should be able to hold a pinball, yet get good mileage.


This game is about 50 miles away so glad to have a more economical way to retrieve pinball machines. We head north toward Flint, Michigan.


I check the mileage as we go and seem to getting 28 Miles per Gallon at 80 Miles per Hour. At least double what the Dodge gets. Once I make some modifications to the car (I am going to convert it to rear wheel drive only) the mileage should go up some more!


Now we are nearing our destination of Lennon Michigan. This is a small town in the flat lands.


As I pull into the driveway I see that the house is a trailer home. This means no basement to deal with!


The owner comes out but instead of leading me into the front door we go around back. Then I see the this:


The dreaded Shed. Pinball Machines stored in sheds are generally scrap. The temperature extremes and high humidity generally kill them. And even if they survive that, usually there will be animal living inside the game.

But instead we go around the corning to this:

crescendo stairs

Seems the trailer has a basement after all! So I take apart the game and the owner helps me carry it all out. I remove the PF glass and Playfield from the game to make the cabinet lighter. The owner helps bring it up the stairs but I make it as easy as possible to carry.

Here is everything piled up that need to go into the car.


Now, I measured and am pretty sure this will fit but this is the first time actually putting a pinball into this space:


The head has to go in first because the opening is lower at the back.


Yep, fits no problem!

Will be taking this home and setting it up to get it working. According to Crescendo is the first Gottlieb game with drop targets.

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2 Responses to Climbing to a Gottlieb Crescendo

  1. yancy says:

    Have you hauled a WPC or Stern-sized pin with the head attached yet? I’m in the market for a new, economical pin hauler to replace my totaled Honda Fit. Impreza is a strong contender, as is another Fit.

  2. Steve F says:

    You live in Michigan and you’re going to convert a perfectly good Subie to rear wheel drive? A travesty, and one which I hope doesn’t come back to bit you in the future. If you were going to do that, why not get one of the many run of the mil eco rides out there? I guess this way you can reinstall the front drivelines in winter, possibly.

    Check out this Zach Sharpe interview for some insights from the current world number 1 player.

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