Search and Destroy for a Bally NITRO Ground Shaker pinball

I have plenty of fond memories playing Bally NITRO Ground Shaker back in the day, so when one came available locally I was on a mission to acquire it. I have been looking for this game for about 3 years. I came across one locally last year but the price was too far up there. A friend found a nice one about a year ago – so they are not too rare to come by.

Bally Nitro Ground Shaker Back Glass

"Search and Destroy" is printed on the dragster.

Once again we have the luxury of of a warm day in January to go fetch the game. Here in Michigan we are having another mild winter but it has been colder and snowier than last year. About a week ago there was 6 inches of snow on the ground but now the snow is gone and the temps are warm. For a couple days anyway.

On the way, we drive by Orchard Lake in (surprise) Orchard Lake, Michigan. The snow is melted but there is still ice left on the lake.

Orchard Lake, Orchard Lake, Michigan

Orchard Lake, Orchard Lake Michigan January 2013

Since we are heading East, we cross the Telegraph Road. This road separates the Western Suburbs of Detroit from the Eastern ones. As you might guess, this road got its name because it started as a service access trail for the telegraph lines back in the 1800s. “Telegraph Road”, the Dire Straits song was inspired by a bus trip singer Mark Knopfler took down Telegraph Road.

Telegraph Road Michigan

Intersection of Telegraph and Long Lake roads January 2013

Now we are in the owners neighborhood in Bloomfield Michigan

Bloomfield Michigan

We pull up to the house. As it turns out the game is in the garage door on the right – so no stairs to navigate on this trip!

Garage Michigan

The owner is a car salesman and many years ago the game was bought to put in the car dealership. After awhile, he took it home where the family kept it. Now the kids are older and the wife said the game has to go. So we work out a price we load it into the truck. Mission accomplished.

Bally NITRO Ground Shaker Playfield

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