Michigan Pinball and Coin Op Auction

Today we head to Carleton, Michigan to attend an auction.

We are heading due south and taking the Dodge Ram as we hope to be returning with some new games.

The back story is that there was an operator of pinball machines who had a route in the southern Michigan area.   He passed away right around 1980 and at that time his storage building was closed up.  It was not opened back up until early this year.  So nothing in it is newer than 1980 and everything was left as it was.  This included about 60 pinball machines, a bunch of em arcade games, pool tables, juke boxes, parts, etc.  There was even a Dodge Van and Ford F250 that has not been moved since 1980.

So that is a great start.  Unfortunately, the storage building was not looked after well.  The roof got some holes and the animals got in.  So what could have been an awesome time capsule was instead pretty messed up.

Some local pinball collectors had seen this barn about 6 months before the auction and it was in a very sad state.  So bad that they were worried about their health due to the rat crap, racoon crap, and mold in the building.  None the less, they managed to cherry pick some cool titles before the auction company came in.

Now, 6 months later,  the auction company has cleaned things up and everything is for sale. And it really was EVERYTHING – games, vehicles, tools, furniture and even the house and property.

Here is the crowd awaiting the start…the building in the background is where all the games were.

Inside the building…

Here are some Jukeboxes.  I know little about jukeboxes but today learned that 1950s and 1960s jukeboxes that show the record being loaded are worth $800 to $1000 and 1970s and up are usually worth $50 tops!

Looks pretty good so far.  Now for the ugly.  Here is an example of what was INSIDE the games.

And it gets worse.  Here are some pictures of a very desirable Gottlieb Slick Chick Pinball.  The extreme wear on the PF was caused by a big pile of racoon shit which ate away the top laminate of the PF.  Yuck!

Here is the inside of the cabinet….

Now that is a project game!  This game still went for $225 at auction.  Amazing.

Some of the games were not so bad.  Here is a Bally Grand Tour Pinball that I should have bought.  I did bid on it but should have gone higher.  I think it sold for about $175.

Here is a Williams Ringer EM arcade game.  These are fun to play and this one went for $325.

I did end up buying three pinball machines and helped the pinball ninja haul his games back.  I got a Williams Jubilee, Williams A Go Go, and a Williams Gay 90s.   Not exactly desirable titles and they are really only good for parts due to the poor storage conditions.  On the plus side it only set me back $65, total.   I paid $5 for the jubilee (it had no backglass) and it was actually in the best shape of the 3.

Here we are loading up….

I was hoping for a better haul but it was a fun day spending time with friends in the Pinball Hobby.

Here are a few other random pics.

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