Time to start making the game reliable so we can test out our new playfield.

First up is the Rectifier Board.  This board takes the power from the Transformer, modifies it, and sends it to various other parts of the game.  One of it’s primary functions is to convert the AC line power to DC power.  All the computer boards need DC power to operate.  Some of the lights and the coils can operate on AC.

The boards in the games were designed to last about 5 years.  So after 30+ years we can expect some major issues.

Here we are replacing the burnt connector and connector pins on the rectifier board.

Turns out we could write a whole BOOK on early bally solid state game repair.  Fortunately – somebody else already has!

The Pinball Ninja has done this and you can access the entire book, for free online, at:

Using this guide you can repair almost all board problems.  Some soldering skills, an understanding of electrical concepts, and some understanding of logic design is helpful.

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