Bally Kiss Kissing Plastics

Now lets take a look at the plastics.  These plastics cover the area of the playfield that the ball doesn’t ride on.   They hide all the posts and metal bits as well as difuse some of the playfield lighting.

Here are a couple of the plastics from this KISS game:

As you can see they are PG13.  The plastics are a major part of the overall art package on a pinball game.  The games were targeted toward younger males so you will find images such as these all over the playfields, plastics, and backglasses of most pinball machines.

Many are into collecting pinball machines because of the original artwork on the games.

Many times you will find broken plastics because the ball whacks them.  Other times they just yellow over time.

In this case the plastics were all good.  So they will be cleaned with Novus 2 and re-installed.

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