Kiss op pop pop

Still have some mechanisms to deal with.  One item that always needs attention is the pop bumpers.  These get a lot of use so you can expect them to need work.

First we are replacing all the parts above the playfield with new reproduction parts.  This includes the pop bumper skirt, body, and caps.  Even if the original parts are not broken the white plastic gets “unwhite” over time.  You just can’t clean them as they plastic itself seems to change color.  New playfield = all new pop bumper parts.

The bottom needs to be disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled with a new coil sleeve.   There are 4 op pop pops on Kiss so it takes a little while

Now there is one more fun thing that needs to be done.  The pops are mounted to the bottom of the playfield via “threaded nails” and these have to be hammered in from the TOP.  You have to be REAL careful putting these in.  I also had to open the holes a little with the drill – since this had to be done from the top – hand drill only.

As you can see missing the nail here would be BAD.  Using a block of wood between the hammer and nail is recommended.

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