Back on the rack

Now we get the playfield back on the rotisserie.

We now turn it over and start screwing and stapling everything back in.  Once again we go slow to make sure we don’t do anything bad to the new pf.  When we are unsure as to where something goes we go back to the digital pictures we took of the old wiring on the old playfield.  It took some time to take the pictures but they are well worth having!

The above pic shows most of the wiring screwed and stapled down.  We have still plenty do on the bottom including switches and all the major mechanisms.  You may notice the new green lamp board.  This printed circuit board replaces the factory lamp panel.  There was about 30 wires that had to be desoldered from the old panel and resoldered to the new PCB.  This takes time but eliminates future problems with these bonus lights.   The blue tape is where we wrote where the major wires go.

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