Bally Kiss Playfield Rewire

Time to start populating the new playfield.  Start with the bottom side.  If you remember, we stored the wiring harness from the old playfield on a big piece of cardboard.

Now we slide the wiring back off the cardboard and onto the new play field:

This is the beginning of a several hour long process.  Now that we are working on the new playfield we need to take it slow and careful.  Last thing we want to do is hurt the new playfield.

The first thing we do is move the wiring around so everything lines up.  Since we stored it flat this won’t be difficult.  The wire does have some memory so everything pretty much lays down about where it needs to go.

The first thing we will be doing is installing the common “ground” braid.  This is stapled into place by the factory and we will also be using staples.

This is one area where having the proper tool is a MUST.  You need an air powered stapler that can get into tight places.  This is the tool I used – I wouldn’t attempt this without one.  If you are doing a playfield swap you will need to buy or borrow one.

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