Hammer on the Kiss

OK, time to start putting the new playfield together.   First up is to install the T-nuts.  These are used for machine thread screws to screw into.  Many of the playfield screws are wood screws.  But in areas where the ball hits directly or where something heavy needs to be held down a more durable solution is needed.

So here is a T-nut:

And it needs to be inserted into the whole right below it.  Normally you just put them in the hole and then hammer them down.  But it won’t fit.  The hole is too small.  I know the T-nut is the correct size because I saved it from the old playfield.

This is a common occurrence we will see when assembling the playfield.  Some things just aren’t quite right.  Either the playfield manufacturer drilled the wrong size holes or the drawing they used had the wrong dimension.   So as we go along we will have to fix these issues.

In this case we just drill the T-nut holes a little larger with the next size drill bit.  We are careful to drill from the back and only go in the 1/4″ inch needed – no need to drill through to the finish.  As we will discuss later, extreme care is needed whenever drilling the painted side!

Now we can just pound them in:

Some might cringe seeing that I just pound them in directly with a hammer.  The playfield is placed upside down on a clean towel to protect the finished side.   You can use a block of wood between the hammer and the t-nut if you want.   But if you have any carpentry skills at all you will be fine.

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