Bally Kiss me, the new parts are here

Ordered up some parts for the game and they have arrived!

Some of the parts here are New Pop Bumper Caps, Lane Guides, Hot stamped drop targets, Pop Bumper bodies and skirts, and all new red posts.

The green square is an upgrade part.  This replaces the original lamp array that keeps track of the bonus on the game.   The original game used 29 individual lamp sockets which are all replaced by this one board.   This style of lamp board was switched to by Bally a couple years after this game.  The new style is much more reliable and makes it much easier to change bulbs.

Since the game is already disassembled, take the opportunity to perform upgrades like this.

Any of the parts with artwork on them are generally copyrighted.  License fees must be paid to Kiss and Bally when using their copyright material.  Who knew a 30+ year old pinball would still have copyright issues!

This is about $2o0 worth of parts and were purchased from a licensed part seller.

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