Mean Green Cabinet Clean

Below is a pic of the cabinet before cleaning.   As you can see there is all kinds of crusty stuff on it.  Including nicotine stains, spilled pop, and just some general white crusty stuff.

So what we use to clean this is a cleaner called Mean Green.  Note that Mean Green is different from Simple Green.    I use this product a lot for cleaning tough to clean parts.  It is strong but USUALLY will not remove paint.  I say usually because I have seen it remove some cabinet paints.  I learned the hard way that it will remove the white color on a Williams High Speed Pinball Cabinet.  So always test it in a small area first.

So we just spray it on and wait about 2 minutes.  Then wipe it off with paper towels.

Not perfect but much much better after only 2 minutes of effort.

The only other caution is that it is a good idea to wear gloves, and have good ventilation, when using Mean Green.

Next we will be touching up the cabinet paint.

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