Today we look at a new pinball machine made in 201o.

There is actually only one of these, as it is a prototype made by Dennis Nordman.  Dennis is a famous pinball designer having designed games such as Bally Scared Stiff, Williams Whitewater, and Stern Pirates of the Caribbean.  More info is available at http://pinwiki.org/wiki/Dennis_Nordman

I got to play the prototype at the 2010 Pinball Expo in Chicago and snapped a couple pictures.

Wow, a striking game!  The cabinet is made to look like a melon crate which fits the theme perfectly.   On this game the playfield was unpainted.  If the playfield art is as nice as the rest of the game it is a sure winner.

Alas, we may not see this completed anytime soon.  But it is for a good reason and that is that Dennis has hired on with a NEW pinball company!  More info on that later.

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